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What is Padel?

Padel is Europe’s fastest-growing sport. It is a mix between tennis and squash and is easy to play. It comprises mainly a doubles format on an enclosed court about 25% smaller than a tennis court and can be played in groups of mixed ages and abilities.

The rules are broadly the same as tennis, although you serve underarm, and the walls are used as part of the game, with the ball allowed to bounce off them.  Rackets are very different to ordinary tennis rackets, stringless, much thicker and shorter and with holes.

The game is less dominated by strength, technique and serves as it is in tennis and therefore is ideal for men, women and youth to compete together.  Skill is match-craft, as points are won by strategy rather than sheer strength and power.

Want to learn how to play Padel?

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play or would like to meet others who are new to the sport.  Our Head Padel coach, Callum Treasurer, brings with him a wealth of ideas and a vision for the future of Padel.  He is on hand to help you along your journey to master the game.  For any inquiries or to get in touch with Callum please don’t hesitate to reach out to him at

We offer Learn to Play courses which introduces you to the basics of the game, such as the rules, how to score, court positioning and how to use the glass & cage. These sessions cater for all abilities, and no experience is necessary.  All the equipment is provided.

Beginners Coaching (4-week course)
£50 non-members, £40 member price

Intermediates Coaching (4-week course)
£50 non-members, £40 member price.


  • Mondays 6-7pm Beginners
  • Tuesday 6-7pm Beginners
  • Wednesday 10-11am Beginners
  • Wednesday 6-7pm Intermediates
  • Saturday 9-10am Beginners

Padel membership

Padel membership is £10 per month (free with any tennis or squash membership). Membership offers you benefits such as discounted court booking fees and preferential booking rights.

Pay & play sessions will also be available to non-members.

Court fees – based on four players

Members (based on 4 members playing)

  • Peak – £20 p/hr (£5 each)
  • Off-peak £12p/hr (£3 each)

*An additional £2 will be charged per non-member, when playing alongside members.


  • Peak – £28 p/hr (£7 each)
  • Off-peak £20p/hr (£5 each)

If you want to play Padel at Redland Club, please click here (members and visitors).

Padel Timetable

See below an overview of the weekly padel activities and click here for the weekly padel timetable

Padel Box League!

We have now had two very successful months running Padel boxes and the September draw has increased to 7 boxes.
There is however still room for more so if you have a willing partner please let us know and we can add you to next month’s competition.  If, on the other hand, you would like to play and don’t have a partner and you feel comfortable with us pairing you with an appropriate player please also let us know.

If you could approximate your playing ability using the following key we will do our best to set something up for you.
1 – Beginner with some consistency at a slow pace.
2 – Consistent player at a medium pace, however shots lack direction.
3 – Building confidence as a medium pace player and consistent at a medium pace.
4 – Player has control and pace. Previous racket skills generally fall into this category.
5 – Experience constructing padel points and is generally a consistent player at higher pace.

Please send details of your team to to be included in the box league.

Please check the Padel notice board adjacent to Padel Court 1, for all up coming events and news!

Frequently asked questions

See below our answers to some of the questions we’ve been asked by potential members and players to give you more information about the game and what to expect from your membership and playing experience at Redland Green Club.