Dragon Boat Festival – 2023 – The Redland Green Racketeers

Another great performance from the Redland Green Racketeers in this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. Organised by The Rotary Club of Bristol Breakfast in aid of The Green House and other charities the team came 12th out of 30 teams competing, with heat times of 58.89, 56.26 and 55.38 seconds over 200 metres.

Many thanks to the team:
Caroline Chebsey, Emma Stirk, Jo Bailey, Sam Bailey, Roger Camp, Lilly Ruddlesdin, John Ruddlesdin, Mike Grevitt, Shalome Kurian, Alex King, Dan Ledbury, Steve Gould, Isabel Hardy, Roger Camp, James Wood, Arabel Bailey, Christian Waters, Carys Rowlands, Darius Pullinger and Leighton Howells.

A special thanks to Mel Poole and Hugh Woodward for also organising the BBQ and Hugh especially for another memorable performance keeping us all in time on the Drum.

Redland Green Club initially donated £500 to sponsor the boat and generous donors have to date raised almost £1300. Thank you all so much, we really appreciate your help.

If you haven’t already and you are able to make a small donation,
please use the link to help us exceed our target of £1500.


Dragon Boat Festival Review