Environmental and Ethical Advisory Group Update – November 2023


We are pleased to announce that all internal lights in the Clubhouse and the last remaining floodlights on courts 3, 4 and 5 have been replaced with LEDs.

The completion of the LED floodlights was helped by a Green Business Grant of £5,300 (one third of the total cost) awarded from the West of England Combined Authority.

The free Carbon Survey, also sponsored by the West of England Combined Authority, estimated the annual cost saving for the Club would be over £3,500 per year.


The Club is looking at options to replace the existing two gas boilers. One boiler has been replaced on a short-term basis whilst other options are being explored.
The Advisory Group are liaising with the Board during this process to determine the best option regarding cost, efficiency and sustainability.


The chiller room cooling system was switched on 24hrs a day, but now a chiller timer has been installed which will switch off the system overnight. The Carbon Survey estimated a 4% reduction in electricity use with this simple measure.

The bar fridges are now fitted with Woox meters which monitor energy use and can be used as timers to turn on and off at set times during the day.


These are now installed and will go a long way in our quest to reduce water use. A single waterless urinal can result in 35000 gallons of water saved per year. Waterless Urinals – UK Energy Watch

The club is on a water meter and water bills are expected to rise with the cost of improving sewage infrastructure and the increase and severity of droughts due to climate change.

Further investigations are underway to reduce water use in showers, taps and toilet cisterns


Goodbye to disposable coffee cups…single use take-away cups have a significant detrimental impact on the environment because, so few are recycled, meaning most end up in landfill or are burned for fuel.

As part of our drive to reduce waste, we will soon be replacing these cups with a reusable coffee cup scheme. You will be able to bring your own reusable cup or hire a Redland Green cup for any takeaway hot drink


The bar is now serving Rainforest Alliance coffee beans; hence we are supporting farmers, forest communities, companies and consumers to conserve critically important forests and to cultivate more sustainable livelihoods.


The newly planted native wildlife hedge on the bank adjacent to court 8 has survived the summer. It will require minimal maintenance in the first few years other than watering should there be a summer drought.

We now move to Phase 2 which is to establish a wildflower meadow on the remainder of the bank. Thousands of seeds will be sown imminently, but it will take some years to establish so don’t expect it to look quite like the image here.

A big ‘Thank You’ goes to Julie Parker from the Redland Green Community Group for her advice, support, and enthusiasm.

Watch this space for Phase 3!


Or rather, the Environmental and Ethical Advisory Group needs more members. We are friendly, welcoming, and enthusiastic. Even if you cannot spare the time but have a burning issue you want to discuss, please join us at one of our quarterly meetings.

Otherwise, email Sally Chan with your comments, queries, or suggestions sallychan@blueyonder.co.uk

Thank you

Environmental Update